Promoting products online is now one of the most critical parts of the business to consumer marketing mix. Most B2C online marketing is about volume of visitor numbers and transactions generated through search engines, social media and online campaigns.

Keeping up with the complexity and ever faster moving developments of the search engines, social media and mobile devices requires an understanding and constant updating of theorganizationsnfluences of the online marketing components involved.

All the various search disciplines involved – Planning, Research, Analysis and Implementation – require the right mix of strategic, tactical and creative skills, as well as an increasing amount of analytical skills to ensure the maximum return on investment.

Once you have invested in a B2C website, you will expect it to perform. Since 2012 Muniwar Technologies has been helping clients to:-

  • Rank well by the search engines in order to be found by visitors
  • To research, construct and manage effective pay per click campaigns
  • Convert visitors to buying transactions
  • Set up and understand your web analytics
  • Deliver longer-term consumer engagement

Any of the Search Engine Marketing disciplines can be implemented as individual components and organizations may choose just one of them. But search engine marketing is at its best when conducted as an integrated campaign including SEO as well as PPC management. Depending on your industry and the competitiveness of your category, SEO will take some time to take full effect. PPC is almost instant and will deliver visitors whilst your search engine rankings improve and beyond. Ultimately your brand is strengthened, your costs are reduced and your business will be growing.

Our online marketing B2C services include;


  • SEO
  • PPC management
  • Web analytics