If you run an e-Commerce store, dynamically generated website, affiliate website or large website – or if you target very competitive or national terms – the information below isn’t going to do very much for you. You’re likely in need of a professional and custom SEO analysis if you’re in need of SEO help.

This information is intended for very small business owners, like a local landscaper or painter or maybe a daycare establishment. A business that will likely never be able to justify the ROI of hiring a competent and professional SEO, but if they reach us for small package, to begin with, this will be welcome step in right direction for the start-up.

SEO can be complicated and requires real knowledge and skill. However, hiring a professional SEO and spending thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars per month for your five page website offering up your daycare services in a small town is like hiring a heart surgeon to put a band-aid on for you. Most times, these are the kind of websites that can see big benefits from small – and basic – SEO implementations.


Basic Building Blocks

Register your own domain name for several years: – With .com domains being under 10 USD these days, there’s no reason you shouldn’t register your own domain name. Additionally, it’s easier (for a lot of reasons you probably don’t know or care about) to rank a website on your own domain in most cases. Don’t wrongly assume that “you can always get a real domain later.” For SEO purposes, changing the address of your website is something you want to avoid if at all possible.

Pay for hosting: - Plenty of web hosting companies offer affordable plans for under ten dollars per month. As a small local business, you’ll likely never get enough traffic to make a plan that costs more ten dollars a month anything other than extreme overkill. Muniwar Technologies would also recommend you pay the 1-2 dollars extra per month for a unique IP address (your host will know what that means).

Set up an email address using your domain: – Your hosting plan will come with a minimum of one free email address and your host should have instructions on how to setup and configure your mail client to check that email. me@mybusiness.com looks much more professional than me432@gmail.com.

Make a good first impression with your web design: – If you don’t know how to make a “great website” hire a web designer (for a small site spanning only a few pages, the cost should be quite nominal) or keep it simple with a basic background color, fonts and real life pictures (if applicable) in HTML. Your website is your first impression with potential customers who find you online. If it looks sloppy, cheap and archaic, they may assume your work or services are as well – like it or not.

Secure your online brand: – You should definitely register your business brand on social networks and the like. There are SEO reasons for doing so (to keep it simple: search engines give some extra points for sites with a social media presence) in addition to online reputation management reasons (social sites) will rank well for your brand name, allowing you to keep the results for “your business name” to be as many pages controlled by you as possible.)

Crafting Your Homepage: -Now that you’ve got the basic tools you need, here’s what you need to have on the website to cover the basics: What needs to be on the homepage

Make sure your business name, what you do, where you do it, who you do it for, when you do it (hours of operation) and why you’re the best at it all appear on the homepage in text. Be short and sweet (they can visit other pages of the site for in-depth information on those topics) but also be descriptive.

Your homepage should also include your address, phone number and email address on every page in text. Be sure to list this information in full, including street address, city, state and zip code. List the phone number with area code. Also be sure to mention on your homepage the cities you serve in your local area.

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