Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a wonderful way of generating website popularity and connecting people together with different point of views and interests through various social media websites like online communities, blogs and forums. Internet users here meet together to discuss a certain topic, share ideas on various issues or simply express whatever they feel like.

Social Media Optimization includes adding RSS feed, blogging and forums, where people are free to express their views and can comment on each other posts. Social networking websites have proven to be very popular in the past few years and the opportunity to use them for search engines, business promotion, online marketing and website promotion is very interesting. You can always target more traffic through SMO by using various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn, Digg, Furl, Stumble Upon and many more. Active participation in various community forums and healthy discussions with meaningful inputs can automatically increase the value and help in attracting the people to your website. A great feature of micro blogging through twitter can be a great advantageous tool for the promotion of a website which is categorized under Social Media Marketing.

Some of the Search media optimization rules include:-

  • Tagging and social book marking
  • Provide ability for easy and quick linking
  • Should be socially networked
  • Allow the posting of the views and comments on the wall
  • Create blogs for your websites
  • Building community through forums
  • Creating viral media like podcasts, videos and audio streams.

Our professionals at Muniwar Technologies provide you with Social Media Optimization Services which work as effectively as viral marketing. Social media optimization has proved to be another better way to woo clients to your website and getting the site optimized better than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps you to focus on driving traffic from various sources other than search engines, thus providing an improved search engine ranking.

Another important feature of SMO is that this service is cheaper than the other SEO services. You can also lead to generation of one way links from high ranking sites. Therefore, it's great for your page optimization and would enable people to find these links while browsing these social websites. The more explanatory and informative is your review, the more possibility of people browsing through your link.

Social Media Optimization boost your search engine visibility, raise your link-ability and increase your user’s desire to consume, share through social networking and comment  which has great value for your brand development. In Social Media Optimization, we design your content so that it can be share easily and find on social networking sites which is becoming popular and important tactics in the social media marketing stock of businesses.

Various Features of Social Media Optimization

Brand Building

You can’t be active and work 365 days, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day but along Internet and digital technology your online brand can. Internet gives you tremendous opportunities to engage companies with their brand and simultaneously with their clients in new and more reachable way because neither your website nor your brand have an off switch which makes your brand more global.

Business Building

Successful business development whether it is online or off line it needs uniquely positioning your brand for the potential customer. Online business development includes, solid search engine optimization SEO plan, new advertising opportunities flipping revenue streams, and information on online partner programs that emphasize driving traffic.

Muniwar Technologies provide high-quality, customized solutions of high quality to satisfy your business objectives by penetrate online space to drive possible leads and raise relationships with customer. Or integrated solution completely suite of Web Services, Marketing Research & Analytic is designed to lift your brand image, communicate with sales strategies and drive business.

Viral marketing

Nothing is more efficient and effective in broadcasting your message as a campaign of viral marketing. The thought behind viral marketing is to cheer people to spread your message for you. It’s been forecast that a productive viral campaign can have 500-900 times more strike than a non-viral campaign. Designing a successful campaign of viral marketing is quite difficult though it looks easy. It requires thorough research and planning.

Photo & Video Sharing

Picture and Video are much worth than thousand of words this idea is now recognize by most business owners and their valuable effect of sharing picture and videos especially in social media means a lot. This provides a creative expression of communication which is more than content can achieve. Video and photo social sharing websites make a huge hit for online business promotions. These photo and video sharing social websites have tremendous visitor traffic which makes them a great platform over which you can promote your service and product.

Managing Social Networks

Most brands have accounts on gigantic social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and various other social platforms. So by creating a special brand experience across social networks and with the management of social network that keep track of social clients, hosting of social account organized and streamline for the continuous success of your brand which ensures faster smarter and more effective & efficient social communications with consumers.

Facebook Likes

Facebook is certainly is the most popular social networking site and it is a favorite for millions of users where every single day it’s becoming a bounded part of their life. A professional business Facebook account gives a business a virtually infinite target audience to knock them. Facebook has millions of active users, any business account opened on this social network has the potential of reaching countless customers. Whenever a new commercial venture is started, the advertisements play the key role in the success of the product. Any website traffic is increased if they have thousand Facebook likes, if you buy certain Facebook likes the fan base is increased accordingly with brand awareness. Now you can post the ads or offers of your product and it will be presented to all the people who are in fan base and indeed they will become your become potential clients, it means that every fan of your page will get to updates in their newsfeeds. So undoubtedly, if you want to increase traffic to your site then you can buy Facebook likes.

Twitter Profile Building

Twitter is a great way to promote your brand or your organization. Celebrity, sports stars, writers, big brand and others are in Twitter so that they can connect with their billions of fans and supporters across the globe. Twitter is also a great way for business to gain more grip to their targeted customers and get observed.

Google Plus

Google+ for business has continued to be a growth market for businesses and for search engine optimization. Google plus  is owned and controlled by Google  and  Google Places for Business, Google+ profiles do have some picks up in getting indexed or ranked by Google. You increase the betting odds of getting highly targeted traffic from search engine organic search results if you have a strong  Google Plus business account Google has “+1 votes”. The posts and profile is better with more +1’s. Google+ profiles and pages can have a substantial affect on search rankings. The contributed advantageous gain of enhancing the authenticity and influence of your company, your brand and promote your ranking in search rankings.

Muniwar Technologies goal is to ultimately show you to build your online presence in a massive way, so that you can achieve your business goal by taking advantage of the ever increasing and hugely crowded place in internet i.e. online social media.