With large number of people accessing internet on smartphones, mobile website is a must for your business

With surge in internet usage from mobile phone, where life is fast, where people want to decide fast, one cannot afford not having a mobile version of their website or at least mobile compatible website. We create flexible, powerful, native-app looking website using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS on HTML5 which look great on all Smartphones.

Making mobile website is not complex, just tricky and requires proper testing on different devices and screen sizes. With HTML5 in place, it can be wrapped with tools like PhoneGap, Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile to convert the mobile website into an app i.e. iPhone, Android app etc.

There are currently more than 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions around the world, and nearly 4 out of every 5 people have a mobile phone. Increasingly, these are smartphones and tablets with the ability to access webpages and the internet. With such a large portion of the world connected to the internet through mobile technology, it is absolutely vital that businesses adapt their websites for proper viewing and use on mobile devices.

Muniwar Technologies has the experience and the knowledge to tailor your mobile website to the size and capabilities of mobile phones. We have trained and experienced programmers and engineers who can competently create high-quality mobile-based websites that will help you reach your customers, no matter where they are in the world. Without a properly formatted mobile site, your business is missing out on a large portion of potential customers.

Additionally, Muniwar Technologies offers mobile application development services. We create mobile applications for the most widely-used operating systems including Apple iOS, Google’s Android, Windows for Mobile, and Blackberry. Mobile applications are a great way of connecting directly to your customers through their mobile phones, without the complications of them using a website. We customize your app to your requirements for mobile communication, whether it is ecommerce, search, product listings, or any other use you may need. We can also help you market your app, and get it into the hands and onto the phones of the people who can benefit from it the most.

Our skills and creativity in mobile applications has no limit, and at Muniwar Technologies, we are ready to work with you to design the mobile solutions that will maximize your ROI, reach your customers, and bring value to your business.

So even if you are having a website but if it’s not mobile ready, we can help to get a mobile version with following features :

  • Clean Design
  • Re-Organized Content for usability
  • More CSS Less Images
  • CSS Sprites for improving performance
  • Build on HTML5
  • Fast Loading Time
  • Various Screen Sizes (responsive)
  • Cross Platform
  • Social Media Integration