We can evaluate your existing product ideas and supply you with detailed feedback regarding product viability, product costing and in-depth market analysis. We can supply you with photo-realistic images of your idea for initial marketing purposes.

Key Areas

  • Pre-Development Analysis
  • Idea creation
  • Concept Development
  • CGI Marketing Visuals

Pre-Development Analysis

We establish a foundation for the product to be built from. We analyse its market position and fully define the direction the project will follow. The purpose of this stage is to fully understand the fine details of what is required and to create a logical and efficient plan of action. Through collaboration with the client we can provide a detailed analysis of the following:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Market opportunities
  • Product positioning
  • Sales information
  • Ethnographic based research
  • Cradle to grave profiling

Idea creation

This stage brings together our entire product team to collaborate and explore new concepts and innovative solutions to a variety of life’s little problems, from space saving solutions to invasive medical problems. We explore all possible solutions using a unique idea exploration method. After consultation with the client, we can produce the following:

  • New product creation
  • Existing product exploration
  • New systems creation

Concept Development

When it comes to Concept development, identifying and developing the best concepts can mean the difference between a product failing and a market leading product being chosen to develop, which leads to a large market gain, soaring profits and very happy customers. We know what it takes to create a highly commercial product and strive to make every concept we design as saleable, environmentally friendly and innovative as possible. We work closely with entrepreneurs and scientists with implementing new Technologies and provide the following services:

  • New concept development
  • Exiting solutions to existing problems
  • Utilizing new technologies
  • Product Innovation

CGI Marketing Visuals

We employ the latest techniques and technology to create stunning 3D images that can bring an idea to life in front of you. We can create components or completed assemblies that allow you and your clients to fully appreciate products in development before committing to expensive tooling and prototypes. We offer the following services:

  • Quick product visuals
  • High resolution images
  • Photorealistic Renders
  • Product animations