Magento is an open source e-commerce web application, written in PHP , and have the ability to take care of whole online shopping module inclining features of online shopping cart. 

Magento is the open source responsible for developing the sites online shoppers want. Being one of the powerful online e-commerce platform and is changing the face of e-commerce websites forever. Basically if we talks about Magento is the robust e-commerce platform for the business owners, and one of the best usable for e-commerce development online business growth for your business. In recent era many of the platforms are available for making online store, from the largest series Magento proved one of the best and efficient platform. Rich features and advance capabilities of Magento make it one of the best for creating shopping sites. It provides you to build robust websites with the same time best user experience as allows you to create attractive designs for shopping cart, and fully integrated with secured payment gateway. More of the advantage is : Multiple store capability, mobile e-commerce. 

"Expertise Magento developers at Incarnate will help you out for :"

  • E-commerce design and development.
  • Customized Magento themes for designing and integration.
  • Magento Custom Module development.
  • Magento with custom module development.
  • Magento with Online Store Management.
  • Website Management.
  • Marketing Promotion.
  • International Support.
  • Search engine optimization using Magento.
  • Customized order management with Magento.
  • Online Catalogue management.
  • Analysis and reporting for the trends of online data management systems.
  • Customization of complete management system.


Why to hire dedicated Magento developers at Muniwar Technologies.

Our team of Magneto has the efficient knowledge for magneto having experiences for best development solution as of your requirement. We serve our client with top notch services in development of magneto development designs. Hire developers for crafting adequate magento design. Our developers will create website for you which will help you out create a successful e-commerce store to boost your online sale. We offer long time expert services and will always support to our clients, whenever they need our help.


UI and UX design of your Magento website is one of the most important facet of your website. It is like entering a store, you would want to Wow your customers when they enter your web store. The way your layout, navigation and ease of information access works, makes a huge difference. It is also a great opportunity for you to demonstrate that you care about your customers and have thought well of their ease and comfort when they enter your shop, find the manoeuvrability easy and intuitive and they leave with a great taste with a buy. It has to be an SEO friendly web design and this aspect needs to be carefully looked at before selecting a Magento web design.

At Muniwar Technologies, we can help you achieve a great design for your Magento ecommerce website. Once we have a clear understanding on your requirements, We provide one of the best web design services in the Magento ecosystem.

Once we understand areas like your prospective users’ profiles at a high level, the industry profile, your expectations, we suggest the best possible way of identification of a design for your Magento website. There are few ways of working out a website design:

  • There are already Magento design themes available over the web where you can find some awesome designs (either paid or free). We can mutually decide to take one of the available web design template and use that for your portal. The designs can be customised as per your needs as well.
  • You may decide to engage in building a custom website design: We have excellent website designers, great graphic designers and artists who can create an aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and practical design with the right colour combinations and layout for you. We can create a truly unique and creative web design for your Magento website.
  • Once the design is ready, our UI developers will integrate the same in your website, do web design customisation wherever needed (i.e. transforming the psd files from graphic designers or themes to HTML based pages, customise using JavaScript, JQuery etc.)

Magento Web Design Services India

Magento Web Design

Along with a great looking UI, it is also important that your website is user friendly and intuitive to manoeuvre, we lay a lot of emphasis on the User experience in areas like ease of navigation and ease of finding the right information for your consumers. Our end goal is to make a great UI with an intuitive feel for the user.

Once we have the Website Design ready, we integrate the same into the website development environment in Magento and start working on the development.

We at Muniwar Technologies have great Graphic designers as well as UI developers who can work with you to choose and skin a pixel perfect best web design for you. Our website designers along with you work on the most user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, practical and SEO friendly web user interface.

We understand that UI and UX is as much a technical skill as much an art, at the same time every design is also a manifestation of your desire of how you want it to look like, of how you want to project your portal to the world. We understand this facet as well and our web designers, with their vast experience and creative skills work along with you to help you realise and make the best design for your website come alive.



Shopping Cart Development

 Do half of your visitors leave as soon as they reach the checkout page of your ecommerce website? Do you know what that means?…You are losing as much as 50% of your business every day. Worse, your checkout page may have actually caused them to leave your site without ordering a product. The reasons can be many: complicated user interface, complex design or navigation, etc.

Shopping cart development is an important part of your online shopping website since it deals with payment and security. A secured order panel and processing system is vital to the running of your business.Muniwar Technologies has the required set up and expertise to make your online business a success. We develop customized shopping carts to systematize your payment and data processes. What's more…with us, you get highly affordable and quality shopping cart development solutions.

 We offer customized shopping cart development to ensure workability on the following levels:

Usability: We design secure and efficient shopping carts with outstanding funtional efficiency. We understand the importance of having an online shopping cart that is easy to operate and is user-friendly. We develop shopping carts with special attention on administration, transactional efficiency, usability and design.

Management: Update your product details, prices and catalogues quickly and easily. Managing shopping carts developed by us is so easy, even your non-technical employees can handle it.

Instant Solutions: Our team of experienced and qualified shopping cart developers offers you the best ecommerce shopping cart solutions based on your specific requirements. Fast development, quality management and results you can measure…that's Muniwar Technologies for you!

Every day, more and more people are getting into the habit of shopping online. We help you create an impressive presence by creating websites that work smoothly and converts visitors into customers. With our shopping cart development services, you get customized solutions to tap your target audience.


Shopping Cart Development India

shopping cart development, ecommerce shopping cart development India, custom shopping cart development
Muniwar Technologies provides advanced services of ecommerce online solutions that help to increase profit by increasing revenue and reducing costs. With our shopping cart solution you can assemble your online storefront solution within no time. A secure payment gateway is also integrated with the shopping cart feature.

E-commerce is trading of commodities and services over WWW (World Wide Web). Thus, vendors and buyers can exchange inquiries, orders, invoices, transfer of funds etc. directly over the internet.

If you are looking for Shopping Cart Development in India; a custom shopping cart as a part of your E-Commerce Solutions, then you are at the right place.

Muniwar Technologies provides diversified Shopping Cart Solutions

Shopping cart which is an add on module with † Silver CMS which is built using ASP.Net 2.0 & MS SQL 
Joomla E-commerce Extension VirtueMart customization and integration using PHP / My SQL technology.

Muniwar Technologies e-commerce shopping cart applications cater to wide range of features such as Search Management, Shipping services, Product Catalog, Grouping and category management, Order Management & Order Tracking facility, E-Mail Manager, Online Payment gateway integration, Search Engine Optimization, Shopping Cart, user security and management, Customizable Forms and:

  • Secure sign-in process.
  •   Infinite users and sites per server.
  •  Simple deployment.
  • Improved system stability with windows 2003 and SQL 2005.
  • Quick access to technical support team

You may rest assure with our services provided by Shopping Cart Developers. Our Shopping Cart Developers offer the best of E-Commerce Solutions with Shopping Cart Development, Ecommerce Shopping Cart, Custom Shopping Cart Development in India.

Open Source eCommerce Shopping Cart Development

Our open source ecommerce shopping cart development services are growth focused and the client’s who use our shopping carts experience higher growth figures. Muniwar Technologies offers shopping cart solutions that help you attract website visitors, encourages them to go through your shopping cart, and prompt them to buy the products being sold. We create shopping carts that reduce bounce rates and increase sales.

Our focus is on minimizing shopping cart abandonment. This in essence is the core objective of our integrated shopping cart services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Xcart
  • Zen Cart
  • osCommerce
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • VirtueMart

We aim to bring to our clients the most comprehensive open source ecommerce shopping cart development services at the most affordable rates. For us, the process of shopping cart development begins with understanding the client requirements and identifying the open source platform that offers the kind of features that can help meet their needs perfectly.

After this, we choose the plugins, add-ons, and themes that help create a shopping cart that not only offers profitable solutions but also creates a lasting impression on the target audience. This guarantees sustainable growth for your business and promises enduring profitability.

Our ecommerce shopping cart developers have wide-ranging expertise across all major open source shopping cart platforms; this allows them to create world-class shopping solutions, and that too at cost effective prices. They know how the mind of online shoppers works and how they respond to particular features and functionalities on the cart. This means there is no chance of our shopping carts going wrong.

All merchants who want to take their business online want shopping carts that offer high ROI and make sure that their products are presented in the best possible manner. Muniwar Technologies is an offshore development company that delivers on all these parameters and more.